“I can go in there and I can do another movie and make it exactly how I made the last movie, but I want to raise the bar,” said Kwai Daniels.

Daniels is a local filmmaker. His first film, “the Refractor,” sold out at Movies 8 in Boardman. Now, he’s currently working on his second film, “Body Bag Ohio.”

“It’s primarily about two detectives, a narcotics officer and a homicide officer, and they’ve got a ton of files on different people that ultimately all of these cases lead up to two guys. So you’ve got a crime mafia boss, as well as you’ve got a high-level street crime guy, as well as you’ve got small criminals,” Daniels said. 

Daniels has been shooting the film all over Youngstown and the surrounding areas.

“I think we got about maybe, 100-150 people on this movie. Maybe even more. If I start adding like the festivals and concerts that I filmed, that I incorporate into my movies then we got thousands of people in the movie,” Daniels said.

Some of the cast members say working on this film has allowed them to express their talents and grow in the film industry.

“My character, I’m a mob boss. I am Earl the Pearl, and I’m kind of ruthless and tough. There’s no niceness about me and I enjoy the villain and the mob roles,” said actor Danny Rios.

“It’s always a pleasure to be under his direction and then to see the result when it’s all said and done,” said Curtis Megginson, an actor on the film.

“He’s really given me a chance to branch out and really prove what I can do, which is nice,” said actor John Catheline.

Daniels says he started out as a writer, and his creativity progressed from there.

“You have to step outside the box to make something to where people would really look at it and be like, ‘wow’ you know,” Daniels said.

One cast member says he enjoys working on Indie films because the creators are able to have full control.

“Don’t get me wrong there’s some good stuff coming out, but with the Indies, the freedom is basically more creative,” said 

Most of the film is done and it’s scheduled to be released in the spring. It will premier at the Movies 8 Theater in Boardman. 

“We did the Refractor, we’re working on Body Bag Ohio, we got another movie that’s coming off the shelf. So, if you wanna be in that circle, in that loop, know your camera shots, know your script. Peace,” Daniels said.