YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A movie produced locally is about to be released, and it fits right in with the theme of 2020. It was made by a local film group and WKBN and WYTV’s Johnny Chechitelli right in Youngstown.

“With the mood being what is is this year in 2020, ‘Worst. Christmas. Ever.’ is the perfect watch for everyone,” said producer Cindy Castro DiRusso.

“Worst. Christmas. Ever.” is a wild comedic episode of a girl’s life in a one-day setting where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

On Sunday, the cast shared their thoughts about filming in their hometown.

“I went to performing arts school in Youngstown, and this is my first on-screen film here, and I’m grateful that it was a hometown movie that I was a part of,” said La’rayja Hill, who plays the best friend in the film.

“I was so excited to film here because I think Youngstown deserves a lot of credit for how far we’ve come over the years, so to be able to shine some light over my hometown with this was really awesome,” said Laura Lynn, who plays the mother in the film.

Wuyu Wantantah, who plays the role of the degenerate stepfather Rayjohn, says it was the camaraderie that he enjoyed most during the making of this hometown film.

“I think I have a good one-on-one relationships with them. They all believe in a bigger goal and endgame for where this movie can live nationally for the years to come,” Wantantah said.

“I just want to see the movie go places and make a staple name for Youngstown,” Hill said.

“Even though it was a small budget movie and we shot it in Youngstown, everyone that was a part of it put their heart and soul into it, and I’m so excited for it to get the credit it deserves,” Lynn said.

“Worst. Christmas. Ever.” will be available on most streaming services, including Amazon Prime, on November 3. The movie is being distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

It can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.

“It’s cool to be in an area where people don’t necessarily see things like this happening, and to see us promote or produce a film in a grand way is something I think will be very exciting and uplifting for the area,” Wantantah said.