POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – Farmers everywhere are dealing with cold temperatures.

Fodor Tree Farm is fighting unpredictable spring temperatures. It’s an obstacle they are familiar with.

“Part of the challenge, but part of the fun of farming, whether it be Christmas tree farming or flower farming or being a vegetable gardener or home gardener, are the challenges you face with weather,” said Jon Fodor.

Farm owners and gardeners have to be prepared for all conditions. Tara Fodor says every year is different.

“Last year we had amazing weather so early. This year, it seems like everything is delayed,” she said.

The Fodors say an unheated greenhouse is critical in maintaining healthy plants during unwanted weather.

“It gives us season extension to plant our cool weather crops, our spring crops,” Jon Fodor said.

Spring flowers like Ranunculus need the greenhouse to survive. It protects them from the extreme wind and rain.

Fodor Tree Farms say if you plan on planting your own spring plants, you may want to hold off.

“You go to the greenhouses now and some have really nice annuals, but it’s too cold to even get them out and plant them,” Tara Fodor said.

Fodor Tree Farm has a self-serve flower stand. Thursday was their first opening for the season.

For Mother’s Day, you can order fresh flowers online up until next Wednesday.