Local farmer explains why your Thanksgiving turkey might cost more this year

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COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) — National supply chain issues are leaving some supermarkets light on their supply of turkeys and the cost of a turkey has increased. Supply chain issues are making it harder for local farmers to get materials for raising livestock.

Lamppost Farm near Route 7 in Columbiana raised 450 turkeys this year and are completely sold out for Thanksgiving.

“These are the best turkeys you can find. They’re raised outdoors and they’re moved onto fresh pasture on a daily basis,” said turkey farmer Steve Montgomery, who runs Lamppost Farm.

The organic turkeys are less than a week away from being fully grown and are raised in mobile coups that are moved daily.

“We started raising them in July. We take them to process them Wednesday, bring them back to the farm on Friday and then people come Saturday to pick them up and put them right in the refrigerator fresh. Then they can cook them for Thanksgiving,” Montgomery said.

But their expenses for raising the turkeys increased this year.

“The cost of feed has almost doubled for us this year. I mean, the cost of corn and soybeans really took off,” Montgomery said.

He said the cost of corn per bushel shot up from $3 to $6 and the cost to process the birds rose slightly.

“A small farm like ours, we’re raising 50 head of cattle and 450 turkeys and 4,500 chickens a year and a handful of pigs, so we have product to sell but that can be stretched out over just a handful of people or a community,” Montgomery said.

Lamppost Farm said they aren’t feeling quite the same squeeze as larger corporations.

“We’re not trying to serve just coast to coast. When the big places have staffing issues they have to cut back and they start cutting back by killing off animals,” Montgomery said.

In all, the farm has had to raise the price of their poultry by 25 cents a pound.

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