Local farm uses special method to sell corn earlier in the season

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COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Fourth of July is just days away and the necessities of a good Fourth of July cookout are burgers, hotdogs and a buttery ear of corn.

Craig Mercer, the owner of Catalpa Farm in Columbiana, says they plant their corn early in March because it helps bring people into the market earlier.

Corn is a big draw for them and it brings people into the market to buy other things.

Planting early is a gamble with the cold, but Mercer and his crew have a plan for that.

“We get a lot of cold weather, so what we do is we basically dug a furrow for planting and cover it in clear plastic,” Mercer said.

Once the corn grows, they take the plastic off, which was around May 1 for this year.

“We’ve been pretty successful doing that. We’ve been doing it for quite a few years that way. The only issue you run into potentially is once the corn gets so tall, the growing point gets so tall, if you get a frost, it would kill it,” Mercer said.

To save the corn, they run water on it and create ice. The ice acts as an insulator for the corn and their strawberries.

Mercer also says that they’ve been planting it this early for over 20 years.

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