(WKBN) – Recently, the FDA declared there’s a shortage of Adderall across America. The supply from Adderall manufacturers can’t meet the need, according to the FDA. We looked into how the situation is being handled locally.

Adderall is an important drug to treat ADHD but some pharmacies have been having trouble keeping enough in stock.

“So we’ve been experiencing really hit or miss supply with this medication over the past six months,” said Matt Tricomi, a clinical pharmacy manager for St. Elizabeth.

“It has definitely presented a problem with patient access or, you know, and these patients do need this medication,” said Dan Jones, a pharmacist for Elite Pharmacy.

Adderall is a Schedule II controlled substance and pharmacies lock it up. It’s a maintenance medication and first-line treatment option, which helps people focus and pay attention.

“Many times this affects children, adolescents, and we can have an impact on academic social-emotional functioning. So yeah, because the impact of a shortage is definitely substantial,” Tricomi said.

Pharmacies that are getting Adderall have been juggling dosage sizes or capsules versus tablets. It involves working with patients, doctors and providers to try and create an alternative plan.

“So, for instance, if we have to change the tablets, making sure that the patient understands that the duration of action is not the same, you know, the tablets have to be taken more times per day,” Tricomi said.

“Because we’re being able to find solutions for them. You know, it kind of helps alleviate some of that anxiety of, you know, what am I going to do if I can’t get my medication?” Jones said.

There are other medications that can help. A patient would have to talk to their doctor about making a switch.

“But it’s tough. You know, if you’re on a medication, it’s working for you and you don’t want to switch if you don’t have to,” Jones said.

The delays are expected to last through the end of the year.

There were 41 million Adderall prescriptions in the U.S. last year, up 10 percent from the previous year.