Local expert says rise in this season’s bee population is not a coincidence

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Watson said business this summer is double what they saw last year.

(WKBN) – If you’ve noticed more bees buzzing around your yard lately, it’s not a coincidence.

“By this time of year, they’re just growing really rapidly,” said Travis Watson, co-owner of The Bee Man.

The Bee Man is a pest control company that deals specifically with bees. Watson said business this summer is double what they saw last year.

“We had such a mild winter that a lot of the ones that normally die out over winter for the different stinging insect species, they just didn’t die this year so they’re all coming out and stinging people and right now is when you notice them,” Watson said.

Mahoning County Commissioner David Ditzler learned this the hard way.

“I was going around some tree stumps that had been cut down and then next thing I know, I felt some burning on my ankles and I looked down and I had two or three bees. I thought they were on each of my ankles, so I dropped the weed whip and ran into the garage,” Ditzler said.

Ditzler was stung at least three or four times. He said his ankles were red Sunday night and Monday morning. Later on Monday, they got swollen.

“They stung me through my socks. They weren’t on my bare legs. It was through like golf socks that I had on that they stung me through,” said Ditzler.

Aside from getting stung while out in the yard, Watson said the concern is around the outside and inside of your home. There’s a species of yellow jackets that live in the ground and another that can live in your walls.

“We had three calls yesterday where they ate their way through dry wall to expand their nest because they were starting to run out of room, and you get hundreds of them pouring into a room and you can imagine that’s pretty terrifying,” said Watson.

Watson suggests that homeowners take a walk around their home every few weeks. Once you notice any movement of bees flying in and out of an area, it may be a problem.

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