NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Tax season is quickly approaching and before you file this year, there are some things you need to know.

On Monday, the IRS will start accepting and processing individual tax returns from 2022.
There are a few changes coming this year when it comes to filing.

Mainly, pre-pandemic rules are coming back into effect. This means no more stimulus checks, child tax credits are returning to normal and the special $300 charitable contribution above the line is going away. All charity now goes on schedule A only on your tax forms.

Local tax advisor Michael Flugher says although it’s possible to file taxes this early in the year, it’s best to wait.

“There’s a good chance if you try to file January 20, you’re going to miss a document or two and then put yourself in a position where you need an amendment. People with larger refunds, the earned income and child tax credits, they need to wait till February 15 to be processed anyway,” said Flugher.

Flugher finds that some early tax filers typically have errors in the IRS system and tax amendments can take months to process.

“Your jobs, any subcontracting work you do, you’re going to be seeing 1099s and W-2s from those kind of people. Any kind of charities you might be given to, child care you might have used, they might also be sending you some documents as well to help you with deductions. When in doubt, put it in the folder. Ask your tax pro,” said Flugher.

Unless you’re certain you can answer filing questions correctly, he says it’s best to get professional advice.

He says he’s found people more money by answering questions they didn’t understand.

He’s also found people claiming a benefit or credit they shouldn’t have claimed.

He says a tax professional will help get you the best accurate and legal outcome. The IRS tax filing deadline is April 18th.