Local educators react to a Georgia school’s paddling policy

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Parents and Educators are reacting to a Georgia school’s decision to use corporal punishment as discipline on its students.

The Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics sent home consent forms asking parents if it was okay if the school paddle their children if they break the rules three times.

Corporal punishment, such as paddling, is legal in Georgia. It is not legal in Ohio. The issue has been the center of a major debate across the country on how to discipline children.

A majority of the parents and school administrators we spoke with here in the valley say they’re not okay with it.

“I just don’t think we are in a day and age where we use any type of violence to correct children in school. It is just not going to work,” said Joseph Nora, superintendent of Liberty Schools.

“I wouldn’t want that in schools at all. I want schools to be a positive thing for them. I wouldn’t want anyone spanking them as a form of discipline,” said Brittany Kominak of Columbiana. 

Corporal punishment is also legal in 18 other states besides Georgia. Ohio put a ban on it in 2009. Pennsylvania outlawed it in 2005.

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