LEAVITTSBURG, Ohio (WKBN) – Workers at the Skyway Drive-In are busy fixing damages caused by storms over the past two weekends.

Security video shows the wind blowing off the metal skirting underneath the screen. The screens weren’t damaged in the storms, but employees say the skirting helps block lights from traffic on North Leavitt Road during movie screenings, making it a better experience for the customers.

The original plan was to open the drive-in for the season this weekend, but because of the storm damage, it was pushed back to April 15.

Manager Zachary Allen was working laser tag when some of the damage happened.

“All I hear is a loud thud outside. Not knowing what happened, I go look outside, and I just see parts of the sheet flapping in the wind and some of it smacking against brick walls,” said Allen.

Employees estimate the total cost of damages caused by the storms is around $10,000.