NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WKBN) — A local nonprofit organization that gives youth dresses for dances and special occasions is getting a new space.

In May, Diva Donations lots its space in North Lima due to the rising cost of rent. At first, the organization had nowhere to call home. Then, a church stepped up to host them.

Common Ground Church in North Lima is serving as a temporary home for the nonprofit, stepping up when the organization had nowhere to turn to. But it can’t stay there for long, as the church needs the space back by fall.

“Their community giveaway is in October, so we need to be out of here by the end of September,” says Kristin Bodendorfer, founder of Diva Donations.

Bodendorfer says the nonprofit will need a space that has at least 2,500 square feet, but this hasn’t been easy due to the lack of funding.

“We have contacted numerous numerous real-estate people, and we’re just having a great difficulty,” says Bodendorfer.

The group is even selling items outside of the organization to help with the nonprofit.

“It literally is … making homemade items and selling them,” says Bodendorfer. “When we get vintage items, I will sell those, and then we will use the money to put toward Diva Donations.”

This up coming fall and winter of special events and dances for the community’s youth could be at risk if Diva Donations can’t find a new location.

For 11 years, Diva Donations has provided thousands of dresses to young people in the community. Now, the organization is desperate.

“I don’t know if we are going to be able to help them or not, because I don’t know where we are going to be,” says Bodendorfer.

Diva Donations has hopes of helping the youth this coming season, but it needs the community’s help with finding a new home.