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YOUGNSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In the hot summer days and months we’re experiencing, the body can be more vulnerable. Heat-related illnesses can come in the form of rash, stroke, cramps and exhaustion.

Health professionals recommend staying on top of drinking water early on in the day and throughout to try to prevent those connected symptoms.

“Some of the symptoms are it can be like muscle cramps or even some dizziness, some lightheadedness. When it gets very, very severe, people can get confused, and that’s when I really warn patients that is when you are really in trouble,” said Dr. Mike Sevilla of Salem.

Dr. Sevilla says that on a hot or humid day, hydration throughout the day is key, especially for those at higher risk.

“Those at highest risk are the very old and the very young because they can get, you know, heat stroke and heat-related illness more quicker than other people,” he said.

Medical professionals recommend getting to a cooler place, hydrating and placing ice on the body if you start to notice the signs of heat-related illness.

“If you have those big warning signs, especially confusion, people don’t look like themselves, they may have to call 911 right away to get to the hospital. It could be a very severe situation,” Dr. Sevilla said.

People with pre-existing diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer are also more prone to heat related illness and should be extra careful on hot days.

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