YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — RSV, colds and the flu have hit kids hard all winter, and now, a children’s Tylenol shortage has left pharmacies with a shortage.

It’s just like every winter: Your kid gets sick with a cold or the flu, and they’re running a fever — but this time, there’s no children’s Tylenol on the shelves.

“It’s been really frustrating because we’ve seen a lot of uptake in viral illnesses this past winter,” says Dr. Therese Linnon, pediatrician with Akron Children’s Hospital.

Linnon says to never treat a child’s fever with a medication not approved for kids, but you can talk to your pharmacist about generic versions to find a good fit.

“General fever care is important, too, so making sure they get plenty of fluids,” Linnon says.

Dr. Benjamin Brocker with Mercy Health says not to panic — even high fevers aren’t cause for worry.

“It’s their way of mounting an immune response,” Brocker says. “It’s not the end of the world, even if it does get above 104 degrees.”

Doctors suggest limiting how much Tylenol you buy to get through the shortage.

“Only get it if you really need it, if your child is having a fever,” says