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Local doctors concerned about measles following holiday travel

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There have been over 600 confirmed cases of measles across the United States. 

The outbreak has even prompted some parts of the nation to require that people have the vaccination before they are permitted in public places. 

Some doctors in the Valley are worried about the measles outbreak locally following the holiday weekend. Dr. Mike Sevilla said even though we haven’t seen any confirmed cases in Ohio yet, the threat increases because of air travel and families who visited areas where there are confirmed cases. 

“People may not even know that they are sick. Talking about measles specifically, people may not know that they are sick and spread it around in the few days before they feel sick and a few days after they are feeling better,” Sevilla said. 

Sevilla said the anti-vaccination movement is also hampering efforts to eradicate the virus. 

“A lot of these illnesses were pretty much eradicated in the early 2000s because of immunizations. Then, we had this bad information on the internet, and I had to emphasize again measles do not cause autism and that is what a lot of the bad information out there has been,” he said. 

Now is the time when people would start seeing those initial symptoms following the holiday weekend. 

Criteria to know if you need a measles booster shot: (Adults vaccinated for measles as children may need another dose)

– If you were born before 1957, probably not.
– If you were born between 1958-1991, maybe if there is an outbreak.
– If you were born after 1991 and got the vaccination, you don’t need the booster.

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