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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – As the season for fall sports is approaching, doctors want them to have the proper footwear to prevent injuries. A local podiatric physician and shoe store owner explained what people need to look for.

“You need a foot that doesn’t move. I like to use words like you want a strong, stiff, stable foot. That means you need a strong, stiff, stable shoe,” said Dr. Kwame Williams, podiatric physician with NOMS Ankle & Foot Care Centers.

That type of shoe includes looking at three key parts of the footwear.

One is the bottom, also known as the last. Having a straight last accommodates a high a low arch, bunion and hammertoe.

Second is to fold the shoe. A foot doesn’t fold, so you don’t want a shoe that can for athletics.

Third, you dimple the heel of the shoe or press it together. You don’t want a flimsy or flexible heel because it gives no stability underneath your leg.

At Second Sole in Boardman, they help you find the pair that’s right for you.

“So, we really take the time to analyze what you are going to be doing in the shoes and any injury history you might have or problems that you are currently having so we can help navigate the best way to get you healthy and make sure you stay healthy doing the things you love to do — walking running, just being out and being active,” said Mark Lipinsky, manager at Second Sole.

Dr. Williams says foot problems are pre-existing. They are quite literally in your bones, and they don’t just go away.

He says they might not be curable, but they are manageable.

“And just like anything else, if you manage it, then it’s livable, workable, you can play your sports. If you don’t manage it, a poor foot will progress, get worse and worse and worse, so protecting a foot at an early age prevents injury later on down the line,” Dr. Williams said. “You won’t always be an athlete, but you are always going to want to move.”

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