Local doctor charged with public indecency in Mahoning County

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Robert Brocker, Jr., charged with public indecency in Mahoning County.

A local neurologist is facing public indecency charges, accused of exposing himself to a 15-year-old girl at a north side bus stop in Youngstown.

Dr. Robert Brocker, Jr., 64, was arrested on Thursday morning but later released from the Mahoning County Jail. He’ll be arraigned in court Friday morning.

Investigators say he groomed the teen by frequenting a bus stop, where he would speak to her. Police say that’s where he exposed himself to the girl.

The incidents happened in the area of Burlington, Margaret and Catalina streets, officers said.

Residents living in the Brier Hill neighborhood said kids wait for the school bus on those street corners every day.

A police report from April 18 of this year says the victim and her mother told police that Brocker would stop at those corners and sometimes open his car door, revealing his genitals.

The neighborhood is just blocks away from Youngstown Neurologic Associates, where Brocker works.

Prosecutors said they’ve been investigating Brocker for some time now and have been getting complaints of Brocker allegedly grooming children in that neighborhood since last fall.

“The young boys in the neighborhood were cautioned that they should stay in school and in the girl’s circumstance, she was complimented about her dancing ability and, I understand, how she looked,” Law Director Jeff Limbian said.

He said police went to the area on several occasions, even once seeing Brocker. Limbian said Brocker quickly left.

Police are asking anyone who witnessed him behaving strangely to call the department at 330-747-7911.

Mercy Health said Brocker is not an employee of Mercy Health, but the company’s website said he is affiliated with St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center, St. Elizabeth Health Center and St. Joseph Health Center.

“He has been affiliated with two of our hospitals and has been removed from the call list. We will continue to serve our patients as we have for more than a century,” Mercy Health spokesman Jonathon Fauvie said.

Youngstown Neurological Associates is operated by Dr. Robert Brocker, Jr. and Dr. Brian Brocker. The two men are related.

An office manager at the practics said Dr. Brian Brocker believes that Robert Brocker is innocent until proven guilty and the office will support him.

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