Local doctor and siblings become surgeons, fulfilling late father’s dream

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Mercy Health's Dr. Lucas Henn has overcome his own trauma to help others with theirs

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Health care workers have been in the spotlight of praise
during this pandemic, but they’ve always been heroes.

One local hero, Dr. Lucas Henn, has overcome his own trauma to help others with theirs.

Henn says knew he was meant to be a surgeon, but the road to get there wasn’t easy. When he was 13, his dad died unexpectedly from a heart attack.

“My mom really had two options. Her options were to fold in and say woe is me and I can’t do this; I can’t raise five kids all alone or turn into superwoman. So, she chose the latter, thankfully for us,” Henn said.

Now, Henn and his three brothers are all surgeons. It’s an outcome that took a lot of hard work, but one they felt was meant to be.

Henn works at Mercy Health and his siblings are in different parts of the country.

Not having his dad around made Henn work harder to distract his thoughts with his studies.

“While its easy to sit back and feel bad for myself that he wasn’t around, anytime I started to feel those types of feelings I would bury myself in work and try as hard as I possibly could,” he said.

Henn grew up outside of Columbus but settled in Poland about eight years ago, bringing his surgical knowledge to the Mahoning Valley.

Dr. James Kravec, chief clinical officer at Mercy Health Youngstown, said having that expertise here means you don’t have to travel anywhere else.

“Because of the solid work that Dr. Henn gives to his patients in Youngstown,” he said.

Henn said he understands how the critical decisions he makes every day have a far-reaching impact.

“It’s a level of pressure that you can’t describe to anybody else. It is just you are quite literally taking someone else’s life into your hands, and there is no one else in the mirror when you at it if something goes wrong,”

And even though it’s been decades since losing his father, Henn always wants to make him proud. He said it was his fathers dream to see his kids go to medical school and to be a grandfather – that dream was fulfilled, too.

Henn has two children and lives in Poland with his wife. He says he loves the pride that Youngstown has and can’t imagine working and living anywhere else.

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