Pennsylvania (WKBN) – January is National Human Trafficking Month. Last week, Governor Tom Wolf’s Administration shared the state’s plans to help survivors and teach the public more about what to look out for.

PennDOT, Pennsylvania State Police, the Departments of Health, Labor and Industry, and the Office of Victim Advocate are working together.

“We are working to end modern-day slavery in Pennsylvania. Over the past several years, PennDOT has worked to combat human trafficking. This is because human trafficking happens everywhere and can happen to anyone. And yes, it’s happening in Pennsylvania,” said Yassmin Gramian, PennDOT secretary.

PennDOT is one of the first transportation departments to provide training to all employees regarding human trafficking.

How can the public become aware and know the signs? Officials say it may be challenging, but here are some of the potential warning signs:

  • Lack of knowledge of a person’s community or whereabouts
  • Restricted or controlled communication where people cannot speak for themselves
  • People not in control of their own identification documents
  • Signs of branding or tattooing of a trafficker’s name

The state urges the public: if you see something, say something.

PennDOT provides free resources online to help guide you in learning more.