YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As part of Ohio’s plan to reopen, dentists and orthodontists had to make some changes to keep staff and patients safe.

Dr. Moshood Martins admits that the pandemic has shaken up the world of dentistry and orthodontics.

“Something that has been unprecedented that has shaken not only the dental field, but the world,” Martins said.

As a long-time orthodontist with Precision Orthodontics in Youngstown, Martins said they’ve adapted in ways they never could have imagined.

This includes using tele-dentistry to help patients who are having issues with their braces.

“We have been able to go in and talk a patient through complex situations such as expanders, irritation of expanders, wire clips that need to happen,” Martins said.

Even with so many changes, Martins is focused on the positives and how orthodontics and dentistry will move forward.

“It is an opportunity for us to go into a deeper state of how we protect not only the patients, but how we protect ourselves and how we do improve the level of dentistry,” he said.

This plan is especially important for patients with braces, who are on a set timeline for treatment.

“I think everyone understands we’re not just going to jump right back into the field of dentistry and say hey, boom, let’s start off where we were at,” Martins said.

Instead, Martins said they will be working six days a week until every patient is caught up.

They will also make every appointment 10 minutes longer than normal.

“In that 40 minutes, we’re hoping to address complex situations that might have happened over the time of COVID-19,” Martins said.

He said they will also be following social distancing guidelines and sanitation methods in each of their offices. As much as he knows the adjustments won’t be easy, Martins said he still sees a positive end in sight.

“What happens when the gates have been opened for us to go back to normal? How do we approach it? And I think that’s the most important thing. If we stick together and pull together, we’ll get past this.”