Local couple discusses their experience buying a home in today’s market

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GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – If you’re looking to buy a home, you may notice the market is a little unusual lately.

“Crazy!” said Kailey Coughlin.

Kailey Coughlin and her fiancé Zachary Hall recently purchased a home in Girard, but they say the process was stressful.

“It’s rough, it really is rough. It’s not — you have to go in right now expecting to pay more than what the offer price or the asking price,” Hall said.

They say they have been looking for months but actually got pre-approved in late May. But, as quickly as they were finding houses they liked, the houses were selling.

“Something that goes up that’s really nice, and you can’t miss it or it’s gone the next day,” Coughlin said.

The couple also says everything seemed to be overpriced, making it difficult to find a home that met their criteria in their price range.

“We got, I wouldn’t say a good deal, I would say this is adequately priced. We didn’t overpay for this house, thank God. But at the same time it’s like, I had to go closer to the top of my budget for this,” Hall said.

They looked at around 10 houses before finding the one they would end up buying. The couple was actually out of town, so they sent family members to look at the house and put an offer on it before even going to see it.

But, in the end it worked out perfectly.

“It was even better than expected, honestly. I walked in and I was like, ‘Wow this is my house,’” Coughlin said.

According to local realtors, there are still more buyers than homes available in the Valley, which makes it difficult when looking.

The couple does have some advice for anyone buying a home in today’s market.

“Just stay calm. I had a really hard time with that, I had my fair share of meltdowns, especially when something would go before we’d get to see it, or our offer was declined,” Coughlin said. “But it will work out, you will end up in the house you’re meant to end up in.”

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