YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Anita Davis is Youngstown’s 6th ward councilwoman and is on a mission to bring more city parks to her southside ward.

Davis Wednesday afternoon walked through vacant land on Parkcliffe Avenue where four years ago five children died in a house fire. It’s where Davis wants to build what would be called 5 Angeles Park.

“I made a commitment back then that I wanted to make sure that this site was memorialized,” said Davis.

The park will be what Davis hopes is the first of five new parks in her Southside Youngstown 6th ward.

The 6th ward’s only park is Glenwood Community Park which became part of the 6th just two months ago when the wards were redrawn.

“In reality, the 6th ward hasn’t had a playground probably for about a dozen years,” said Davis.

Youngstown has a total of 28 city parks. The 3rd and 7th wards have the most — six each. The 2nd and 4th wards have five, and the 1st ward has four. The 5th ward has only one city park but also has a large part of Mill Creek Park. The 6th ward has but one.

“That is a statement about the lack of regard for the citizens of the 6th ward. I really and truly believe that. You don’t purposely do away with all your playgrounds and then leave an entire ward with nothing,” said Davis.

The Parckliffe Avenue park would be west of Market Street. Davis also wants a full-size park east of Market along with three of what she called mini parks scattered throughout her ward.

“I don’t want to see having to cross Market Street just to go to a playground. I want to make sure that it’s safe,” said Davis.

Davis is confident that 5 Angeles Park will happen though she doesn’t have a timetable. She wants the two full-size parks to be paid with the city’s allotment of American Rescue Plan money with the three mini-parks coming out of her $2 million allotment. There’s a survey on the Youngstown City website for anyone with an opinion of where the parks should go.