MECCA, Ohio (WKBN) – There are still a few more weeks of the 2023 sweet corn season, but business is booming at a Trumbull County farm that’s only in its second year selling the crop.

Just like the crop, the sweet corn business is growing at Eagle Ridge Farm.

“The corn, of course, is delicious. I’ve been out here several times, so far,” said Lydia Burger of Niles.

It’s only the second sweet corn season for the farm off State Route 46 in Mecca.

“It’s been busy every day. Been sold out by about noon every day, but now I’ve picked more corn so we can be open throughout the day,” said Nathan Zimmet with Eagle Ridge Farm.

Zimmet says 25 total acres of sweet corn were planted this year, five more than the farm’s first season. This year’s sweet corn season is expected to last until mid-September, but Zimmett is already planning ahead and may plant even more in 2024.

“I think I’m going to add an additional five acres to our sweet corn patch to make it 30 acres to keep open longer throughout the day. We don’t like to sell out early, and we want to make sure everybody gets some of our corn,” Zimmet said.

Eagle Ridge Farm has already sold about 17 acres of sweet corn, but there are still another eight left to go for the rest of sweet corn season.

“I’ve had a lot of fun seeing returning customers from last year and family and friends coming out again to enjoy sweet corn. So glad to see we can bring that little bit of joy back to the community,” Zimmett said.

Speaking of Joy, the half-acre Joy Garden is new this year. Where people, like Burger, can pick their own bouquet of flowers. Burger loves it.

“Honestly, I thought of God and what a creation he made and how each one is unique and beautiful. They’re amazing,” Burger said.