CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Two local college students have come together to start a non-profit. They’re looking to bring the world together through pictures.

Jason Gibson and Noah Olejnik met in 2019 and formed quite the friendship – so much so that it only took them a year to start a new organization together, called Inspire Unity.

“I came up with this collage idea and then I texted him and we formed more of the idea. Then, he came up with the name and the purpose behind it,” Olejnik said.

Inspire Unity teams up with another organization for a specific cause. Over the span of a year, people submit donations to their website for the organization and a photo related to the cause they’re helping.

Each picture submitted goes into a larger collage representing the cause. The co-founders believe the visual will help bring people together for a common goal.

“Now, you can really see when you come together there’s things that you can conquer, that you can do together,” Olejnik said.

Inspire Unity hopes to get one million pictures in their first collage this year. They also want to help organizations run their fundraisers down the road.

“We want to bring the every day, average person together. We want all of those people to come together and realize they are so much more than just average, every day people,” Gibson said.

Inspire Unity’s first project is with a cat rescue in Toledo, Ohio. Pictures for the project are being accepted through July 2022.