(WKBN) – The Cleveland Guardians is not the only important name change in northeast Ohio this year.

 A valley school has changed its name, trying to expand its reach.

East Ohio College has an 11-acre campus in East Liverpool. It’s been around since 1886 but felt the old name, Ohio Valley College of Technology, wasn’t cutting it.

East Ohio College Courtney Martin said it doesn’t capture the focus of their programs.

“So our focus isn’t technology anymore. Our programs mainly specialize in allied health,” Martin said.

Its programs run 18 to 24 months, meaning they start every six months or once a year.

Nursing and dental assisting students go to campus for labs. 

Martin said that beginning Feb. 14, East Ohio will start its online campus, a new approach for medical assisting and medical billing administration.

“And the fun thing about our online program is there is a hybrid component, where students will complete their coursework via an online modality, but there are clinicals. They will actually have the opportunity to come in and complete those skills, hands-on, in the classroom and in the lab,” she said.

East Ohio was founded in the 19th Century as Ohio Valley Business College. It still teaches business administration though the name has changed twice.

It has a student lounge, classrooms and labs for hands-on training, while also giving students a chance to attend classes from home.

Martin said their college is like the tri-state area’s best-kept secret.

“So we are, I would say we are, the tri-state area’s best-kept secret. So a lot of our best students and graduates come through referral,” she said.

Martin said East Ohio College may have an online component, but its approach also services students. Any online student can go to East Ohio College and meet with instructors face to face.

“The online campus opened so many great opportunities for us to continue to adapt in the ways that we service the tri-state community,” she said.

East Ohio College has 130 students. Most of them come from the tri-state area being Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.