BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Optima Research has been operating in Boardman for a year. Dr. Patrick Shannon gave WKBN 27 First News a tour of the lab and exam rooms.

The company is running 11 clinical trials right now for things like eczema, psoriasis, and even just a general itch.

“This is for patients who have either common conditions that are not responding to already approved therapies or for patients who maybe have rare conditions for which there is no therapy available,” said Dr. Patrick Shannon.

The medicines Shannon uses are in the testing phase. They’ve all passed initial safety standards and are being tested for effectiveness and tolerability.

“We’re definitely seeing success. We were relatively new, but we’re already seeing patients respond to things who had not responded to anything previously,” Shannon said.

Some of the medicines are creams, some are pills, and some are injections. There is no cost. You don’t need insurance. And if you qualify, you will get paid. The trials can last 10 weeks to a year.

“Still under a really highly monitored situation. Obviously, safety is the primary thing,” Shannon said.

Optima is a partnership with Advanced Dermatology, but Boardman is the only dermatology clinic trial location between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. It’s hoping to grow and sign up more patients, so it can qualify for more trials.

“That’s the driving force, you know, for all of us who struggle with certain things when you’re able to actually find a treatment option that fits a patient who’s not had success in something over their lifetime. That’s the joy that we get out of it,” Shannon said.

You don’t have to be a patient of Advanced Dermatology to participate. If you want more information, call Optima Research at 330-422-3234.