CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The mayor in Cortland is putting absentee landlords and other property owners on alert when it comes to keeping their properties up.

Mayor Dee Dee Petrosky said the city is ramping up its code enforcement and those who are creating issues are being put on notice.

Petrosky said that during the summer, a large street project kept the city’s zoning administrator busy and that some property owners took advantage and let their properties become unkempt. Now, that project is over and code enforcement duties will resume in full force.

Petrosky sent an open letter to the community earlier in September putting those violators on notice and said she already has seen some improvement.

“I’ve seen a noticeable difference and I am happy about that,” she said.

Petrosky said that anyone who is having trouble taking care of their property should let the city know because they can work with a homeowner and steer them to some solutions with volunteers to help out.

Several properties have been submitted for the Demolition and Site Revitalization Program through the Ohio Department of Development, administered locally through the Trumbull County Land Bank.

A property that spent the last 12 years in the courts has recently been sold and already some improvement is being made there.

“I am asking that if you know someone who may have unkempt properties to please report the property via the Procedure for Zoning Code Investigation form on the city website,” Petrosky said.

You can also find information on the city’s website about all things that have to do with city codes such as trees, weeds, grass, rubbish and other exterior maintenance.