Local church returns to give out gas and groceries to community

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Church members also blessed people who wanted it

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On Saturday, members of a local church continued their call to give back to the community.

In light of COVID-19, members of the Light Church gathered at Oak Speed Check market in Youngstown to once again give gas and groceries out to the community.

“We said on Memorial Day weekend, we would stop just a minute and give again. Gas on God. The Light Church is trying to make sure that the city of Youngstown has what it needs,” said Pastor Mark Jackson.

The church gave $15 worth of gas to each person who came through, a bag of groceries and a Light Church license plate.

Pastor Mark says although last week’s turnout was good, he didn’t want their mission to stop there.

Instead, he and members of the Light Church are trying to help the entire city of Youngstown.

“Being able to go to a different side of the city and let them see that there is a church that loves them and that Jesus died for them, he rose and because he got up, you can get up out of whatever you’re in,” Pastor Mark said.

Church members blessed people who wanted it, and the volunteers say they felt good giving back to their community.

“It means everything to me. I believe this is why we’re here, to help and be light in this time of darkness. Everybody needs to come together to help everyone that we can. So, right now, I’m feeling amazing. I feel good. This is why we’re here, to shine right now,” said Dennis Forney, a volunteer.

“I love that we’re showing people that the church isn’t just a place. We’re an extension of the church. We can do things outside of the church to love in the community, and we’re here to just tell people that we love them,” said another volunteer, Britteney Forney.

Light Church Chief of Staff Robbyn Cotton says she loves being able to give back to the community and encourages everyone to do it if they have the chance.

“Any chance that I get an opportunity to serve God, I want to do it, and serving the community is number one. Without you, we can’t do these wonderful events, so donate to the Light Church,” Cotton said.

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