NEGLEY, Ohio (WKBN) – The Negley United Methodist Church’s bell rang Friday for the first time in three years.

It rang loudly and some children got to pull the rope.

There was last-minute carpentry work where the bell lifted back atop the church. The bell was on the church’s original roof and the rope to ring it came down through the ceiling as you entered the church. An addition to the front of the church in the 1960s included a bell tower. That’s where it would ring proudly until the bracket broke.

On Friday, parishioners gathered to admire their community’s accomplishments.

The bell will ring out to the community, just as it did when the church was built in 1892.

“They remember being able to come in and ring the bell. The Sunday classes would take turns,” said Pastor Cindy Figley.

You can hear the bell ring again at 10 a.m. Sunday from now on.