POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Taylor Swift has a Christmas Tree Farm in her heart, and right now, finding Christmas trees can be tough. There isn’t a shortage, but there is strong demand, and finding what you want may take more time.

Monday, WKBN went to Pioneer Trails Tree Farms to speak firsthand with the owner of a Christmas tree farm and get the inside scoop.

Half of the husband-and-wife team that runs the farm, Mary Jan Perdulla, gave her input on the busy season.

“I would definitely shop this week or within the next two weeks,” Perdulla said.

Many families have just started the cut-your-own tree experience and enjoy going row to row to find their perfect Christmas tree. There are only so many trees available at each farm, and each makes its own decision on the number which can be cut each year.

Pioneer Trails has mainly 6-8 foot trees and also brings in fresh-cut trees up to 16 feet tall, so buyers have options. They are selling seven varieties of Christmas trees this year for $74 each.

Christmas trees have a certain look, and each one has a different feel. Mary Jan Perdulla recommends the soft needs of the Canaan Fir.

“They’re not pinchy like a blue spruce,” Perdulla said.

The blue spruce is being phased out in this area. Pioneer Trails is experimenting with a new fir tree that was brought to America from Turkey.

In the spring, 5,000 baby trees will be planted on the farm, but those take about five more years to be ready, growing a foot a year.

“We’re trying to pick varieties that are faster growing and then we’re trying to expand other aspects of the business to supplement our income,” Perdulla said.

Pioneer Trails has a gift shop and sells freshly-made wreaths. It’s family-run, so sustainability is important. Some farms didn’t even open this year while others are using a reservation system for their available trees. Pioneer Trails is hoping to stay open until Dec. 18.

Pioneer Trails is along US-224 in Poland.