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Despite it being the season of giving, some organizations said they're short on donations this year

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Raising money during the holiday season has been a struggle this year for several of the Youngstown area’s nonprofit organizations.

“We’re hoping for more generosity right now,” said Karen Conklin, with the American Red Cross. “We’re running behind where we usually are.”

Despite it being the season of giving, some charities said they’re short on donations.

“It’s down just a little bit, not a lot,” Conklin said. “This is a very generous community and we’re very, very grateful.”

She said receiving donations gets more difficult each year but the Red Cross thinks there is a reason behind it.

“There are a lot of different charities,” Conklin said. “People are more selective now than they have ever been.”

The Salvation Army is down about $20,000 compared to where it normally is this time of year.

“Thanksgiving holiday was late so we had some less weeks with some of the stores,” Major Paul Moore said.

He said the colder weather has also been a factor but he’s staying optimistic.

“I’m always a little bit concerned but, again, I believe in this community and the Valley that people will pull through for us and donate.”

Some charities are thinking of more clever ways to ask for donations, hoping to hit the nail on the head to get some end-of-year contributions.

“As funny as this is, we are serious about raising the funds,” said Kristina Nicholas, with Habitat for Humanity.

It’s a spoof off a viral piece of art — a banana duct-taped to a wall that sold for a whopping $120,000.

Habitat for Humanity decided to create its own version.

“Hey, we’re Habitat. I have duct tape and hammers all around me. Grabbed a hammer, duct-taped it to the wall,” Nicholas said.

The goal is $120,000, plus the cost of the hammer.

“We’re hoping this really just kind of creates some buzz,” Nicholas said. “There’s so many great organizations in the area and everyone is asking for money, and if you can find a little niche to draw some attraction to you, that’s great.”

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