SHARPSVILLE, Penn. (WKBN) — Christians around Northeast Ohio and around the world paid tribute to Jesus Christ on the holiest day of the year.

Good Friday is considered a day of mourning in the Christian church.

Friday in Mercer county, members of Our Freedom Chapel took to the streets of Sharpsville and Greenville on a cross walk.

Pastor Cary Parsons spoke about the importance of this day in the Christian community.

“Good Friday is our chance to go out and remind people that Jesus Christ died for everyone. We are reminding the public, we’re gonna hit the streets. This is all new area for us. I don’t think anybody has done in Sharpsville, so we are gonna head down the streets in Sharpsville and make aware of what day it is and what Christ did for them,” said Pastor Cary Parsons.

Bibles, daily bread and prayers were given along the cross walk.