YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – For a Valley non-profit that helps cancer patients along their journey, the pandemic has put a strain on their programs. But Yellow Brick Place got creative and has found a way to still help clients feel beautiful no matter what stage of treatment they’re receiving.

Yellow Brick Place is taking their support programs virtual.

The “Your Beauty” program is one of their most popular, where women and men fighting cancer can get in-depth help with makeup, skincare and hair accessories.

“Getting up, putting a little bit of makeup on, trying to feel a little bit better about yourself. It’s important what you’re portraying to everybody and most importantly how you feel yourself,” said Denise Zepka, a cancer survivor and beauty facilitator at Yellow Brick Place.

These in-person consultations and programs were put on hold when COVID-19 hit, but now they’ve transformed them so clients can do them at home.

For Your Beauty, all they need to do is pick up their makeup bags then take them home and watch an instructional video.

Zepka and Angela Palumbo, a board member and volunteer at Yellow Brick Place, say it’s a great chance to try something new and have some fun.

“We like to think of ourselves as the missing link in-between their cancer treatment and their road to recovery,” Palumbo said.

Yellow Brick Place also offers a free wig program that is extremely popular with clients. That too has been adapted during the pandemic with one-on-one appointments.

“We’re trying to help people understand and trying to help them find their way through cancer,” Zepka said.

“We’re trying to keep things as normal as we can because these times are hard for everybody. But if you’re going through a cancer journey, it’s probably 10 times as hard as it is for the rest of us,” Palumbo said.

Yellow Brick Place is a non-profit organization, so its funding comes from donations and fundraisers. It has one going on right now virtually and you can get involved by heading to Yellow Brick Place’s Facebook page.

The deadline to buy tickets for their “Tax Day” raffle is April 1. Call 234-228-9550 for more information.