YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Local businesses that depend on carbon dioxide as part of their business process don’t appear to be affected by an apparent nationwide shortage of the gas.

For those who make beer, carbonation is a critical part of the brewing process.

Jared Channell is one of the co-owners of Birdfish Brewing Co. in Columbiana. The company goes through six 75-pound tanks of beverage-grade carbon dioxide every six to eight weeks.

But there’s been growing concern in some parts of the country of a shortage of the gas.

“It’s going to last through September, is kind of what I’m hearing, and into October possibly,” says Channell. “It’s not something you would expect to see a shortage on, for sure.”

A number of CO2 plants around the country are down for maintenance to correct contamination problems, and that’s being blamed for the shortage.

Channell says he’s been assured his local supplier has enough on hand to last a few months.

Now this potential shortage of carbon dioxide could affect any business that serves beer or soft drinks that use carbonation as part of the tap process — particularly bars and restaurants.

“All our beer’s carbonated with CO2 and it’s served at our taps with CO2, so it is kind of an important part of our business,” says Channell.