LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – People continue coming together to help the Lowellville community heal.
One local business is helping raise money for the school’s prom.

Dirty Joe’s Bin Cleaning and Sanitizing is raising money to help with prom expenses.

The owner says he has young children and his wife is a teacher.

He said they just wanted to do something to help bring just a little bit of joy back to the kids.

“It’s one of those things that like, you see on the news, whether it’s in another state or something. You take it for granted. Like, ‘oh this can’t happen here’, so, I think it’s a…it’s a eye opener. That it shows you that it can happen anywhere,” says Joe Fagnano, the owner.

Fagnano says prom is supposed to be a fun – memorable time for kids. He says they want to help bring some joy back, even if it is small.

“Now they got this, you know, dark cloud over their heads. So, whether it’s, you know, doing something, another add on to the prom or maybe another event. Just trying to do something for those kids to try to take away from the situation,” continues Fagnano.

They are donating five dollars from every house that schedules a cleaning.

You will need to send the text “Lowellville Strong” to the number 330 – 540 – 2003 to schedule a cleaning.