Local business owners and doctors react to new vaping cartridge ban

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They believe that this move will make a change, but that only time will tell

(WKBN) – On Thursday, the Trump administration took another step in fighting childhood vaping by banning some flavored cartridges.

They are working to make it harder for children to get vaping devices.

“Pre-filled pods and the cartridges, like the JUUL, for example. Those flavors are the ones that are being pulled off the market,” said Nick Katsourakis, Co-Owner of Rocco’s Vape Lounge.

Katsourakis says after going through the current ban, he does not expect to lose much

“I believe if I lose any, it will be very minimum,” Katsourakis said.

At Rocco’s Vape Lounge, they will only need to pull PHIX, a pre-filled flavored pod.

Katsourakis said the Vapor Technology Association originally submitted paperwork to the president, outlining self-made regulations.

“Close pod systems were apart of it. There was some deviation from what we submitted. There was actually a lot more lenient then what we were actually proposing to regulate upon ourselves,” Katsourakis said.

A local doctor also reacted to this change.

“I think it’s some good first steps. I think there could be more that could be done, but I think these are some good first steps that could be done to really address this epidemic of teen vaping,” said Dr. Mike Sevilla of Salem Family Practice.

However, Sevilla says that he has seen reports of teens still trying to get these products despite the ban.

“I know that there are some kids who are going to YouTube that know how to replace the fluid in the cartridges,” Sevilla said.

Both Sevilla and Katsourakis believe this move from Trump’s administration will make a change.

“I believe the 21 and up on the federal level and the close pod system will make some difference. I guess time with tell,” Katsourakis said.

The manufacturers have less than 30 days to stop making and selling these products, according to the FDA.

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