(WKBN) – One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Some people just take their items to the curb and let the garbage man take them away. Today, we followed one local group that is willing to do the work in order to earn a reward.

Friday was a working afternoon for Boy Scout Troop 20 out of Lordstown. A few from the group picked up a washer and dryer, a hot water tank and scrap in Austintown from Duane Collins.

“When they pull in and pick it up and take it away for you, that’s as easy as it gets,” Collins said.

The troop started its continual scrap drive a few years ago. The money it generates pays for troop supplies and trips that the members take.

“Yeah, it’s a lot more entertaining and you get to learn a lot more than selling a chocolate bar or selling popcorn. You get to learn a lot more, things that can help you later in life,” said Boy Scout Colton Hickman.

The beauty and simplicity of the program make it effective. Collins’ father had used it years ago so his son remembered and called to donate a load.

“It’s easy. Just pick something up, go to the scrapyard and get your money,” said Assistant Scout Master Bart Gensburg.

The troop will also collect items it can repurpose or resell, such as tools. There’s also another benefit for the boys — some learn how to use tools.

“Some business things and also how to work with your hands a little bit too, and move things — organize them and how to sell them sometimes too,” Hickman said.

Friday’s load was worth about $100. The program raises about $15,000 a year, depending on if someone wants them to get rid of a large item like a car.

“And we don’t charge. If you got it outside, we’ll come and get it,” Gensburg said.

“So it’s a good, worthy cause and hopefully they’ll all learn a good life lesson out of it,” Collins said.

When the program started, the troop raised over $15,000 for a trip to Florida, where the boys fished and learned about the outdoors.

If you have items to donate, give the troop a call at 330-219-1368 to schedule a pickup.