HOWLAND, TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – We all know someone who’s been affected by chronic migraines or stiff muscles (muscle spasticity). Some spend their whole lives searching for treatment options to help relieve pain to no avail.

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital in Howland recently launched a botox clinic that helps treat these conditions.

Dr. Megan Teeples, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at Hillside, said muscle stiffness normally happens to a patient after they’ve had a stroke or spinal cord injury.

“Their muscles get really tight, and it can sometimes stop them from being able to do things like get dressed or it affects how they walk. That is where botox comes into play,” Teeples said. “We actually relax those muscles that are the most tight, and it helps to relax those muscles.”

Teeples says within three weeks patients should notice a notable difference in how tight their muscles are.

The therapy is a little different for those that suffer from chronic migraines.

“It actually is injected right near where the nerve fibers are located that create pain signals, and it helps block those pain signals,” Teeples said. “You get the best results after two treatments of botox for migraines, but people can get up to 50% reduction of their migraines.”

Teeples has already noticed a difference in her patients. One has suffered from really tight muscles in his hands.

“He can’t ungrip his hands and after one session of botox, he’s already had more active motion in that hand. It’s not as tight,” she said.

Functionality is the goal. Teeples said after a spinal cord injury, it’s really important for those patients to get as much back as they can.

“So that they can go on walking, their own eating, their own dressing. I want to give that back to those patients, and the botox can really help with that.”