(WKBN) – It has been nearly three months since a Liberty Township man died in a car crash. Adam Connelly, 21, was driving on Tibbets Wick Road just west of Sharon Road when he hit a utility pole.

Friday night, two schools came together once more this season to remember the beloved Girard basketball player and Hubbard basketball coach. We spoke with his parents who are in awe of what the community has done for them.

Hubbard basketball players sat on the sidelines with shirts that read “Team Over Individuals” at Friday night’s game against Girard.

Amy Connelly, Adam’s mom: “This is something we had always told Adam.”
Matthew Connelly, Adam’s dad: “Right.”
Amy: “When you’re out on the court, don’t forget that that’s your opponent out on the court but he’s still your community member and one day, you may play together and stuff like that.”

Coaches from both teams presented Adam’s parents with their son’s jersey from Girard as well as his coaching shirt from Hubbard at the start of the inaugural Adam Connelly Memorial Basketball Game.

Adam died in a car crash back in November 2022. We’re told he would have been honored.

Amy: “He was very quiet and humble.”
Matthew: “Yes, he was.”
Amy: “But I know that he is up there saying, ‘Have fun, play hard, enjoy life.'”

The Connellys say their son was many things — a man of great faith who had a love for sports, but most importantly…

Amy: “He just brought joy to everyone that met him.”
Matthew: “He brought pure and true joy to us.”

His parents say it’s nights like this one that keep Adam’s legacy alive.

“He’s more alive than ever in heaven. He really is, and he lives on in the memory and the hearts of all of these people in this community,” Matthew said.

The winner of Friday night’s game will receive a memorial trophy to keep until next year’s Adam Connelly Memorial Basketball Game.