COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – The sign on the roof reads “1880” though, given that some of the beams were held together by pegs, the Firestone barn in Columbiana may be even older. Whatever the age, the old barn now looks likes new and is almost ready for weddings and banquets.

On Monday, the tables and chairs were set up, surrounded by the weathered beams where hay and grain were once stored. The Barn at Firestone Farms on Route 14 is almost ready for business.

“We’re really happy with how everything came together,” said Jeremy Mackall, whose family owns Firestone Farms across the street.

The second floor, which seats 250, has a chandelier custom-made by the maintenance workers at East Fairfield Stone Company, which the Mackalls also own. The first floor, called The Stone Room, will seat 100.

“We also did an addition on the back because we didn’t want to use any of the barn for restrooms or a kitchen. So we built an addition to put some of those things. We also have a third-floor bridal suite,” Mackall said.

From the first floor, two garage doors open onto a patio overlooking a pond and fountain. It was set up to accommodate wedding ceremonies.

“This becomes the aisle. Then if you go straight out, it’s lined up with the fountain. So they would be standing out here and then with pictures in the background, you have the fountain,” Mackall said.

There are pictures throughout from when it was Harvey Firestone’s farm. Some show Harvey on a tractor. One shows the barn in the background, before the corner of Routes 7 and 14 was developed.

When the Mackalls bought the barn, there were holes in the roof and some beams were starting to decay. Construction began in February.

“So a company came in from Hartville called Hartville Barn Boys. They came in and they have a system for, they can basically jack up the roof and take the old beams out and put new beams in,” Mackall said. “We kind of felt like if we didn’t do something now, it was going to fall down, and it’s too nice a structure to let it go to waste.”

The first event at The Barn at Firestone Farms is scheduled for late May. It will be a wedding.

A total of 26 events have already been scheduled for next year.