GROVE CITY, Pa. (WKBN) – The Grove City Police Department in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, has filed a charge against PNC Bank, 802 W. Main St., for “control of alarm devises for permitting more than nine false alarms in a 12-month period.”

The charges were filed on Aug. 12.

“The repeated false alarms at our Grove City branch were the result of a broken wire in one alarm unit,” wrote a PNC spokesperson. “None of the other alarms were impacted and have continued to function normally. We recently conducted repairs on the broken unit which we believe have addressed the problem.”

The latest charges were the fourth time in six months that Grove City police have filed charges against the borough’s PNC Bank.

On Feb. 3, the bank was charged with “permitting more than five false alarms” in 12 months.

Then on July 4, a police report stated that it was “determined the alarm was set off by Loomis armored truck service” and PNC was cited for the sixth time in 12 months.

On July 10, the “hold up alarm” was falsely triggered, after which the police report stated, “Police have been handling numerous false alarms for this business.”

It’s not known if the charges will be dropped if the false alarm issues are solved.