YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — It was lights, camera, action in Youngstown this week as a local director and crew shot scenes for one of his latest projects. It’s an adaptation of a book written by an author in Struthers.

Over a dozen local crew members set up in Youngstown this week for one of the latest projects by local director Josh Menning, a romantic drama based on a book by local author Jimmy Taaffe called “Angel Mine.”

“The story is about two people that met on a train traveling to New York and Pittsburgh and it’s based on a true story. In conversation, they find out their spouses passed away on the same exact day in the same exact year,” said Menning.

Though the movie is set in New York and Pittsburgh, some scenes might look familiar to those in the Valley.

“We’ve been filming in Columbiana and Youngstown. We’re also heading to Ashtabula and Pittsburgh and New York City,” said Menning.

The team shot some of the train station scenes inside the B&O Station. Menning met Taaffe on a different film shoot several years ago and he also produced this trailer for the book, which came out a year ago.

Though the film has changed since then, it features the same principal actress Angela Cole who will play the main love interest in the film.

“He approached me about this and told me we’re going to be doing a romantic drama do you want to be a part of it and I was like, ‘Heck yeah!’ I love doing romantic dramas. I love telling stories about love,” said Cole.

Cole said the book and movie being based on a true story drew her to accept the role.

“When an actor can pull from real, raw moments that happened in real life, I just feel like it’s so much more powerful. I know that we had a bunch of different scenes I can relate to and I know the audience can relate to as well,” said Cole.

The crew is now in New York City to continue filming. They plan to release the film independently in early 2023.