BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project is holding an adoption event Saturday through Sunday evening.

The project is working in collaboration with the Trumbull County Dog Pound, as there are 14 dogs from the pound in need of loving homes.

“[The dogs] went through their heartworm treatment, taken care of any medical conditions and they are ready for homes,” says Jason Cookie, president of Health Hearts and Paws Project.

The adoption fee is $75. Dogs can be taken home for up to two weeks so prospective adopters can decide if the new animal is a good fit.

The dogs might be the main focus, but Health Hearts and Paws also has many cats and kittens in need of homes.

Cooke says the stray dog problem is extremely prevalent right now.

“We are just seeing an abundance of stray and neglected animals — seems like every day, dogs are being shown up as lost and not reclaimed by their owners,” says Cooke.

Cooke says many of the dogs just need a companion.

“Just because a dog comes in from a particular situation in a bad condition — they can be turned around,” says Cooke. “They are really great dogs, they just need an opportunity.”

For those looking to adopt a pet, it’s good to look at local shelters and pounds for animals in need of homes, according to members of the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project.

“We always encourage people to adopt, not shop,” says Cooke. “These are rescue dogs that have lived the worst of lives, and they need our help.”

Healthy Hearts and Paws is also looking for volunteers.