SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) — He’s not even 10 years old but soon he’ll be treated like a factory, or professional, supercross rider. Ricky Cook is from Canfield. He’s done hundreds of races but the one next month in Arizona is a special one for a couple of reasons.

Seven-year-old Ricky has been racing for four years but you could say he was destined for the dirt track since he was born.

“They call Ricky ‘RC4’ because he’s the fourth Richard Cook,” said Rick Cook, Ricky’s dad.

“Yeah, and I’m named after Ricky Carmichael,” Ricky said.

A famous professional motocross racer.

“And I’m his number too [#4],” Ricky said.

Ricky became interested in motocross after looking it up on YouTube. Now, he has around 200 races under his belt. On April 8, he’ll be racing in the KTM Junior Supercross in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium, where he’ll be treated like a pro.

“They treat us like a factory [professional] rider for a day,” Ricky said.

Ricky is the only one from the area going. But they don’t take just anyone — to attend, you have to send in videos of races, a resume and your grades.

“We get like the gear and the helmets and we get to ride this bike like this, it’s electric,” Ricky said.

That’s another interesting part of the KTM Junior Supercross. Ricky has ridden the electric bike in three or four races so far. When he’s not on that, he’s riding his gas-powered Cobra bike.

“It’s just not like that loud,” Ricky said.

Reporter Brandon Jaces: “Do you have a preference or do you like both?”
Ricky: “Both.”

Until the big race, Ricky will continue tearing it up at the Western Reserve Motorcycle Club track where he practices.

Ricky: “Then we’re going to Florida after that.”
Jaces: “For another race?”
Ricky: “No, our vacation. So it’s like we basically get two vacations.”

Ricky’s parents say the racing community is like a family and someone is always willing to help.

Ricky says he enjoys hitting the jumps and his favorite racer is Jett Lawrence.

If he wins in Arizona, he’ll continue on to another race in California.