HOWLAND TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A Howland sixth grader with a musical gift took his talents to Gettysburg to honor the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Eleven-year-old Dominic Morataya puts a lot of emotion into his musical passion.

“I just felt like the first time I played the trumpet, there was a connection,” says Morataya.

He’s been playing the trumpet for about two years. He says he picked up the instrument quickly and is now the bugler for his Boy Scout troop.

On Sept. 2, bugle in hand, standing beside the Soldiers’ National Monument in Gettysburg, Morataya played these famous 24 notes.

“I felt honored because I’m honoring these people in our country that fought for our lives, for our freedom,” he says. “They risked their lives for us, for our freedom.”

He says he was the youngest bugler this year to participate in 100 Nights of “Taps” at Gettysburg.

The tune is played every night at Gettysburg National Cemetery from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

“It was kind of historical to be there,” he says. “It might be weird to say this, but I wasn’t really as nervous as the other people. Maybe because I felt confident in myself that I could do it.”

Now that he’s played at Gettysburg, he’s already made up his mind on the next historical location he’d like to play the bugle call:

“I really want to play taps at Normandy,” says Morataya.