Loaning a car can be risky; Youngstown court official explains why

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Sarah Brown Clark also emphasized that people need to be careful who they loan their car to

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Many people do it and usually it’s no big deal, but in reality, it is a big deal. This could apply to many things, but in this instance, it pertains to lending a car to someone, even family.

If a person gets a parking ticket in a car that isn’t theirs and doesn’t pay it, the owner takes the hit. In Youngstown, a parking ticket typically costs $10, then after 10 days it’s $20, and after 30 days it’s $30.

“My friend was driving the car,” Kelvin West said. “He would park around YSU to go to class, and I guess he got these tickets.”

West admits that it could have been him that got the tickets, but it was a while ago so he nor his friend remember.

“I’ve had people who’ve had the person to whom they’ve loaned a car had an accident and did not have insurance on that person, and the vehicle person is charged for the damage,” Youngstown Clerk of Court Sarah Brown-Clark said.

That’s just another one of the risks that come from loaning a car to someone. When it comes to tickets, they need to be paid, and there is no statute of limitations that will erase them after a certain length of time.

Brown-Clark said they’ve sent delinquent parking tickets to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and they’ve taken it out of a person’s state income tax. They can also put warrant blocks on a person’s license so that they can’t renew it until they’ve paid the tickets.

“It’s my boyfriend, my girlfriend, my sister, my daughter, my son. The moral of the story is do not let anyone use your car,” Sarah-Brown Clark said.

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