CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – In early October, we introduced you to a little girl from Cortland battling a rare form of cancer. Today, we have an update on her tough journey at such a young age.

At just seven months old, Brielle Butler — now 15 months old — was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis. It’s a very rare type of cancer that caused tumors on Brielle’s skull and rashes on her skin.

Brielle has been getting chemotherapy every three weeks and when we met her in October, her cancer was shrinking. Now, it’s taken a turn for the worse.

Brielle’s story shines a light on how sometimes, our journeys have road bumps. But, this little girl shows us the meaning of never giving up, even when hard situations get harder.

Her chubby cheeks and dough eyes are all the same, but after a recent check of a spreading rash on her skin, Brielle is battling a tough journey she’s already been fighting since she was seven months old.

“The biopsy came back that it was the same LCH cells on her neck and under her arms that are on her head. So, it spread,” said Rachel Butler, Brielle’s mom. “We’re just like ugh, man, it’s rough.”

Rachel says the heartbreaking update does have a positive. The cancer only spread to parts of her skin and the tumors haven’t come back.

“I’m relieved that it hasn’t spread to any bones or organs,” Rachel said.

This will, though, prolong Brielle’s chemotherapy treatment.

“She’s looking at six more months because we thought she’d be done in May because that’s her one year, but now it looks like it’s going to go until July,” Rachel said.

It will also be a more intense form of chemotherapy that will cause Brielle to become nauseous and lose her hair, something Rachel said is what breaks her heart the most.

“One day, you’ll rub your hand across her head and it will all come off in your hand,” she said. “So that just really… That’s hard for me.”

But despite her cancer returning, Brielle is happy and has moved from crawling to walking on her own.

“I think she’s doing everything else a 1-year-old is doing — getting into everything, curious about everything,” Rachel said.

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