LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) – New radio traffic from Liberty police details the chaos that took place Friday afternoon at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and East Liberty Street.

Dispatch: “Liberty units, we have shots fired. Belmont Avenue and Liberty, Belmont Avenue and Liberty.”

Around 3 p.m. Friday, calls were pouring in to 911 dispatch after a man got out of his Hummer at Belmont and Liberty and shot another driver in the face.

Dispatch: “Caller claims she witnessed a man walk up to a car and shoot the driver in the fence — in the face.”

Callers told dispatchers that the suspect then pulled into a gas station at that intersection…

Dispatch: “They said black Hummer is at the Speedway now, black Hummer at the Speedway. We’re trying to find where the victim is.”

…before police stopped him down the road near Ohio Puppy.

Police: “I got a black Hummer, give me the air … Right in front of Ohio Puppy.”

You can hear Liberty police call for shots fired as the man gets out of his Hummer on Liberty Street and begins shooting at officers.

Police: “Shots fired, shots fired … Put your hands out now!”

Video from a viewer shows dozens of rounds being fired as Liberty asks for backup.

Dispatch: “All cars en route to that.”

Officers returned fire, hitting the suspect, who was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital in stable condition.

The victim who was shot in the face was flown to a hospital in Cleveland to undergo treatment.

Three liberty officers have been placed on paid administrative leave while BCI investigates the shooting.

Charges against the suspect are pending.