Lisbon teen awarded for taking safety seriously

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Lauren Satterfield, of Lisbon, steps into a car and immediately makes one simple decision

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Click it or get a ticket. Wearing a seat belt is mandatory. One new driver learned the importance of it in her first year of driving, and she was given an award for it.

Lauren Satterfield, of Lisbon, steps into a car and immediately makes one simple decision – to buckle up.

“I think it’s a good thing that I’m doing it because I think back to the accident, and if I wasn’t wearing one, it could have been really bad,” Satterfield said.

Lauren had just gotten her license in August. In December, she was in an accident on Lisbon Dungannon Road. The road was icy. Her car rolled over, and she landed upside down on an electric fence.

“It was on. Lauren claims that she was shocked twice by the electric fence,” said Sgt. .Adam Shonk, Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Satterfield suffered a concussion and some cuts. She remembers being upside down and needing to fight gravity so she could get the seatbelt unbuckled.

The fence kept her car from rolling farther. The seat belt kept her in the car and from being thrown out.

“Anybody that I have ever shown the pictures to they’re shocked, and they immediately ask if I’m OK. It’s still shocking to look at it and be like wow,” Satterfield said.

She received a certificate Wednesday from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Now, she’s a member of the Saved by the Belt club. Her story could’ve had a different ending, so she encourages others to click in.

“I know as a teenager people are just like a seatbelt is just not important, but I’ll never not wear a seatbelt, now,” Satterfield said.

And that’s something the Ohio State Highway Patrol likes to hear.

“In this case, a young lady making the right decision, which ultimately, I believe, saved her life,” Shonk said.

Ohio had 487 people killed in crashes last year by people not wearing a safety belt.

Satterfield attends the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center where she is studying cosmetology.

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