LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – On Monday, all Lisbon schools were closed because of a district-wide training on proactively handling student trauma.

The training was to inform and train all of Lisbon’s staff and faculty to help better serve their students. It is a new approach to identifying and supporting students experiencing any type of trauma.

The Lisbon School District has partnered with Akron Children’s Hospital and the Columbiana County initiative Handle with Care.

“Today’s kid is a lot different, even the most experienced educator will tell you that. So we are really looking at different ways we can handle kids with trauma. Different age groups, different techniques that we can use,” said Superintendent Joe Siefke.

Handle with Care is designed to enhance communication between first responders, community mental health services and schools so children experiencing traumatic events can get the best help possible.

“Having that training and being able to be compassionate and sympathetic to that child in need is only what’s best for the kid,” Siefke said.

Speakers addressed questions like what is trauma? What does it look like? How does it impact a student’s ability to learn?

Students spend a lot of time in the school house, which is why it’s so valuable that staff, faculty and administration know how to properly address student trauma.

“When kids come through our doors with a different set of expectations and a different set of experiences, we as educators want to try and be flexible and adjust to this new-aged kid,” Siefke said.

“Those adults that can help get us through some of those hardships we face in our lives learn new coping mechanisms and really talk about the things we are experiencing and get through some of the things we have to get through,” said Melissa McClain, coordinator of the Community Education Program at Akron Children’s Hospital.

The Lisbon School District will begin implementing the training immediately.