Lisbon police chief recalls how the community changed after 9/11

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LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — Two decades ago, Lisbon Police Chief Mike Abraham was the Chief of police in Salineville in addition to his part-time role in Lisbon.

On a trip home from West Virginia, he was listening to what happened on the radio.

“The lines for gas were, they were a mile long. There was only one gas station at the time in Salineville. People were afraid that we weren’t going to get gas and groceries and things like that,” Abraham said.

There were concerns about what could happen in a small community. On the south end of Lisbon, there’s a fertilizer plant.

After 9/11, Lisbon police had to keep a close eye on it.

“People that want to bomb our nuke plants or our fertilizer plant. Everybody makes bombs out of fertilizer and things like that,” Abrahams said.

The federal government enforced that local law enforcement check these places more often, three to four times a day.

“Officers had to go through and check and make sure that all of the fertilizer was locked up, that they had to put padlocks on all of that stuff, which prior to 9/11 was just out in the open,” Abraham said.

It brought out some anxiety for officers.

“You wouldn’t think that somebody around here could do that but then again, you wouldn’t think that somebody would fly airplanes into buildings either,” Abraham said.

The fertilizer plants still get checked.

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